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    13th December 2017

13th December 2017


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog page! Thought I should introduce myself… so I’m Georgia and I’m a qualified Sports Therapist, specialising in Sports Massage. I started on this journey when I was 16 years old when I was lucky enough to get work experience in an established clinic in my hometown of Coventry. It was then that my love for my job began, I had an awesome mentor who taught me in all aspects of the job and within a few months my massage skills had started to develop. I decided that this was the career for me, so I studied hard and got my place to study Sports Therapy at Coventry University; a three year full time degree. During this time I continued with my work experience one day a week; the perfect way to test out the skills and knowledge I was now being taught.

On completion of my degree and adding some very posh letters to my name, I was offered a full time position with the clinic that I had now been with for five years. This was the time that I really learnt my trade (similar to passing your driving test and then learning to drive!) Everything was great until my mentor, who had become a great friend, passed away. The rug was literally pulled from underneath me.

This meant that at the ripe old age of twenty two, that I had to either man up and take on the clinic, taking on a lease and being responsible or I could wimp out and get a desk job…! Well luckily, I chose the first, so for the past six years I have been part owner of a successful clinic, it wasn’t all plain sailing but I did it, I kept my promise to my mentor and I looked after his patients for him.

However, this year, I married my lovely husband and we decided to start a family together. All seemed a great idea until I was sick every day for three months… brilliant when self-employed! Anyway I digress….. things changed for me this year and I decided that this was the year to bite the bullet and go alone, que the birth of Revive Sports Massage! And just like that, here we are, now based in Allesley Village and still ready to help. Thank you to my patients for their immense support in making this move.

Georgia Burrows BSc (Hons) | Revive Sports Massage


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